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the good fight of faith

27-10-2014 - Posted by Andre Piet

images_12 “The good fight of faith” of which Paul speaks in 1Tim.6:12, is characterized by two key words: faith and fight. Faith is in Paul’s letters always the opposite of works (Romans 4:4). Abraham believed God, i.e., he said “amen” to God’s unconditional promise (“so shall your descendants be”). With this faith not only begins, but faith stays with this, too. Behold, “the good fight of faith,” because there are countless influences that will try to take a believer away from this foundation. That is the reason of Paul’s constant call to the believer to remain steadfast in the message he gave them (Col.2:7). To remain standing in the Evangel of the risen Christ and the vivification of all (1Cor.15:58). One can stand in grace (Rom.5:2), but also “fall out of grace” (Gal.5:4). In Col.1:23, the believer is strongly encouraged not to be moved away from “the expectation of the Evangel” (= the reconciliation of all, Col.1:20). And in 1Cor.10, Paul draws a parallel between believers in Christ and the people of Israel that were once led out of Egypt. Although, they began in faith, after Moses through the Red Sea, nevertheless, the majority of them perished in the wilderness through unbelief (idolatry, fornication, murmuring). If one builds with “wood, hay and stubble” (1Cor.3:12-15), then is this present life nothing else but a lost existence (cp 1Cor.8:11). Conversely, when we are steadfast in the faith, the Lord will abundantly do His work through us, and crown it with the wreath of righteousness (2Tim.4:7.8). “The good fight of faith” is like “going for gold”. HIS promise, HIS work and HIS glory, alone!