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seven days as blueprint

26-08-2014 - Posted by Andre Piet

images9 In Genesis 1, we read that God in six days revealed His creation-words to man. This was followed by the seventh day, the sabbath of rest. It is particularly remarkable how this week runs parallel with the seven stages in the history of salvation, climaxed in the sabbath of the Messianic Kingdom. The seven days describe “the beginning of the creation”, but also are a blueprint of the creative work that God is doing during this (old) creation. On day one, God called the light to appear in the darkness. This day corresponds with the time that man, as a mortal (>darkness), was sent out of the garden and had to live by the light of his conscience (Rom.2:15) and the announcement of the “seed of the woman” that would come (Gen.3:15). The second day is the day of the separation of the waters. Waters are a representation of the nations (Rev.17:15), which came into being after the flood. From that time, God gave to man the authority to execute the one who had shed the blood of fellow-man (Gen.9:6). This is the germinal beginning of government, to which the sword is entrusted (Rom.13:4). On the third day the word is sounded by which God calls forth the land from the waters. As the waters represent the nations, so is the land a depiction of “the land” and the people of Israel which, in the midst of the nations, receives a separate place. The third day speaks of what began with the call of Abraham. It is noteworthy that the third day also speaks of the green that the land would bring forth, seed-giving crops and fruit trees. Israel, the people to whom the living words of God (seed!) are entrusted (Rom.3:2), is compared to an olive tree, a fig tree and a grapevine. On the fourth day, God placed signs in the heaven to give light on the land for the purpose of distinguishing, distinct times, days and years. This fourth day refers to the time, starting with Moses, through whom the Torah was given to Israel, which is filled with instructions for special times, days and years. On the fifth day, the land is not in the picture, but the waters become filled with aquatic animals, while the sky becomes populated with birds. This fifth day corresponds to the time in which God creates life in the midst of the waters, and gives to the heavens her residents. Now that Israel stands aside (>the land), God calls the ecclesia out of the nations (>waters) for a heavenly destination (Rom.11:11-14, Eph.1:3, 2:6). On the sixth day, man appears on the scene, to rule over what God has created. This day, of course, refers to the time that the Ben Adam (the Son of Man) will appear to rule over all the land (=Israel) and all the waters (the nations). On the seventh day, all is completed and blissful rest remains. It is the culmination of all that God has brought into being, so far. The seventh day speaks of “the sabbath that remains for the people of God” (Heb.4:9). It refers to the thousand years that will be characterized by tranquillity and peace.