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School project: religion …

18-01-2012 - Posted by Andre Piet

Our son had to make a school project in connection with the course ‘religion’. It had to be about the origin of the Bible and also about the apocryphal books, among others. Besides information from lesson material, he also searched the Internet and from a church website had copied and pasted some additional information. He asked me to check it. What a false and miserable picture people seem to have (including Christians!), about the Bible and its origin! This fact, once again, was forcefully presented to me. That the book of Genesis was compiled by Moses of documents (toledot) which the patriarchs themselves have written – is not known. That the final editing of the Hebrew Bible (the Tanakh) was conducted by Israel’s priests, to whom was entrusted the management of the Scriptures – is not known. That the apocryphal books are later additions to the Hebrew Bible, is not known. That the writings of the New Testament, by the Apostles themselves, are bundled – is not known. That the Bible is a Divine library with a holy number of books (70) – is not known. You may have reservations regarding many amusements that children are being offered, but hey, that remains relatively innocent. Most realize that it are but amusements and only games. But what in all seriousness is presented to our children in the classrooms, about the Bible and its contents, that is poison. Unless, at home, they are properly equipped to defend themselves, they can be spoiled, at this stage, for the rest of their entire lives (humanly speaking). How important it is, for us as parents, to tell our children the truth and to instruct them concerning what Scripture really is about, and the wealth of riches it makes known to us! ——————————— translation: Peter Feddema