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Romans 9:6 – Has the word of God lapsed?

24-06-2021 - Posted by Hans

Now it is not such as that the word of God has lapsed, for not all those out of Israel, these are Israel;

Do the eight Divine privileges given to Israelites mentioned really apply to all Israelites? Do they all, head by head, partake in this? But in that case, it is inexplicable how the majority of Israelites today reject Christ. As if the word of God had expired! A completely unthinkable option.

The fact that very special privileges have been given to Israelites does not contradict the observation that the majority of Israelites do not currently participate in them. It does not undermine the word of God and does not affect the validity of the word. That’s not a dogmatic killer. Paul substantiates his statement from the word of God.

Belonging to Israel, the apostle argues, is not merely a genealogical fact. That someone is born of Israelite parents is not decisive. The circle of those who are actually and by God counted to Israel, is much smaller than those who nominally (=in name) belong to this people. God has the whole thing in view, yes, but He always chooses (selectively).