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Romans 9:5 – the fathers & the Christ

24-06-2021 - Posted by Hans

( Israelites…) whose are the fathers, and out of whom is the Christ according to the flesh, Who is over all God be blessed for the eons. Amen!

The latter privileges of Israel tie together the beginning and the end of “the promises.” History began with the election of the patriarchs. And does it not end with “the seed of Abraham”, the Christ in whom the promises find their fulfillment (Gal.3:19)? Of course that is counted “according to the flesh” (Rom.1:3). This refers to the family tree showing how the promises were inherited and eventually ended up with “the Messiah”.

But there is also another line. For “according to the spirit” the Christ was begotten of God Himself, and therefore he is also “the Son of God“. First begotten by the power of the Most High in Mary (Luke 1:35) and later begotten by God from the dead (Acts 13:32,33).

The coming of the Christ is the pinnacle of Israel’s privileges. He is above all. Now literally. For he is exalted (as was foretold) at the right hand of God (Ps.110:1). It is through this Christ and all the other privileges that fell to Israel that God will display His glory throughout the eons!