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Romans 8:24 – Expectation is not seen

15-06-2021 - Posted by Hans

For to expectation were we saved. Now expectation, being observed, is not expectation, for what anyone is observing, why is he expecting it also?

Peculiar combination: we were saved (=fact, past) in expectation (=future). This means: our salvation is already a fact, while nothing is yet visible. Such a thing can only be said when “the expectation” is rock solid. As sure as a fact that’s behind us.

We almost always associate expectation with uncertainty. For example: I expect the weather will be sunny tomorrow. Even if we consider something highly probable, it is still uncertain. No one can say anything with absolute certainty about the future. Only One can do that. Namely, He, “who declares from the beginning, the end.” He knows the future because He Himself is its Creator and holds it firmly in His hands.

Expectation, by definition, concerns things that we do not see. For if we do see it, yes, then expectation is exchanged for observation. The emblem par excellence of expectation is an anchor (Heb.6:18,19). An anchor in service is not seen. The ship may be in the turbulent waves of the sea, but the anchor gives it stability.