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Romans 8:19 –The unveiling of the sons of God

26-05-2021 - Posted by Hans

For I am reckoning that the sufferings of the current era do not deserve the glory about to be revealed in us. For the premonition of the creation is awaiting the unveiling of the sons of God.

All the sufferings of the present time are not proportional compared to the glory that is to come. For the suffering is temporary, while the glory is permanent. The rendering in many translations that the suffering of today “does not outweigh” the glory later, is too meager. Paul writes: it is not even worth comparing. The more aware we are of the weight of suffering now, the more powerful this statement becomes!

Note that Paul speaks of “the glory which is at hand to be revealed in us.” Not just “to us” or “about us”. No, God is going to reveal glory “in us” (lit. into  us). What he is referring to is right behind it. “To the revelation of the sons of God”! Through the transformation (= resurrection) of our body, we are made sons (8:23) who will then be revealed to the creation. This revelation means no less than the liberation of creation (: 21)!