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Romans 8:17 – enjoyers of Gods allotment

26-05-2021 - Posted by Hans

Yet if children, enjoyers also of an allotment, enjoyers indeed of an allotment of God yet joint enjoyers of Christ’s allotment…

Children are born, sons are established. From the time of the sonship, the child is considered competent and suitable to become a partner in the father’s possessions. That’s what a “enjoyer of an allotment”  is. In common translations they are called “heirs”, but this falsely suggests that death should occur first. The idea of ​​allotment is implicit in the Greek root. An “inheritance” is actually a portion of an allotment. So that can literally be distributed by lot (see Acts 13:19) but the application is broader and can relate to everything that falls to someone. That may be a legacy, but the concept is wider. When Paul writes, “enjoyers of an allotment of God,” it is clear that the translation word “heir” is not very accurate. Of course we are not relatives of God.

What God does is establish sons. To begin with, the Son who is “the firstborn among many brethren” (8:29). He was first raised from the dead, and when “the deliverance of our bodies” also takes place, we all become “enjoyers of an allotment of God” and “joint enjoyers of Christ’s allotment.” All of God’s creation will be given to these sons!