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Romans 8:15 –Abba, Father

26-05-2021 - Posted by Hans

For you did not get slavery’s spirit to fear again, but you got the spirit of sonship, in which we are crying, Abba, Father!

We have already seen that “sonship” refers to the “deliverance of our body” in the future. It is in that condition that we will be revealed to set the creation free (8:19). The designation “sons of God” (with Christ as “firstborn”; 8:29), refers to the future reign over “all things” (8:32). For sons are “heirs” (Gal. 4: 7).

Even though the official sonship is still waiting, we are already being called “sons of God”. For we have already received the “spirit of sonship”. That’s an advance (8:23). It is the same spirit that will soon give life to our mortal bodies (8:11).

“Sons of God” occupy the highest position of precedence and honor. Hence, “sonship” is contrasted with “slavery”. A slave obeys. A son is obeyed. A slave owns nothing. A son owns everything. A slave has a master. A son has a father. We do not come to an audience with God but are at home with Him and address Him being sons. Nor is it here as little children that we call God “Abba Father”, but in a “spirit of sonship”. As “heirs” of the universe.