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Romans 6:7 – no longer slaves 

16-02-2021 - Posted by Andre Piet

Knowing this, that our old humanity was crucified together with Him, that the body of Sin may be nullified, for us by no means to be still slaving to sin. For one who dies has been justified from sin.

Paul is writing here about the facts of the crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These are objective benchmarks that are independent of emotions and experience. Hence the apostle’s emphasis on “knowing” (: 3,6) and “reckoning” (: 11). For only who knows that he has been crucified together and buried with Christ and reckons from there, is no longer a slave to sin. The concepts of “slave to” and “addicted to” sin play a major role in this chapter. Paul teaches: whoever died is logically justified, that is, acquitted from sin. No longer slaves.

This teaching is of great practical importance! Everything starts with knowing not to be a slave anymore. Anyone who sees himself as a slave to sin and starts to fight addiction will experience time and again that this is hopeless. Why? Because you think… that being a slave is part of your identity. So you can’t do anything else… you think. Until the truth sets in that you are no longer a slave. That truth sets you free!