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Romans 6:6 – Our old humanity crucified together with Him 

16-02-2021 - Posted by Andre Piet

Knowing this, that our old humanity was crucified together with Him, that the body of Sin may be nullified, for us by no means to be still slaving to sin.

Again, Paul points to what his readers (would) know. So they were taught this. “… Our old humanity” is humanity which descended from Adam. Christ died because of that humanity (she brought him to the cross) but also for that humanity. I.e. on their behalf.

And here we read: that humanity also died with him. “… Our old humanity was crucified together with Him”. The cross of Christ marks the end of the old humanity. Not because the old humanity would no longer exist since then, but because the cross officially seals its end. As three days later the official beginning of “the last Adam” and a new humanity was heralded.

These are not experiences or feelings, but milestones and facts. The bottom line is that we should know this. For only when we know this does our body no longer need to be controlled by sin. Certainly, soon in the resurrection body, sin will no longer play a role anyway. But why should we wait for that? Why not “walk in newness of life” now? Free, happy and carefree!