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Romans 6:18 – Freed from sin 

12-03-2021 - Posted by Andre Piet

Now, being freed from Sin, you are enslaved to Righteousness.

The big topic in this chapter is deliverance from sin. This liberation is primarily legal. That is to say: as GOD reckons. He sees us connected (“planted together”; 6: 5) with Christ who died and was raised again. That position determines our destiny and identity. It teaches us who we are and how we can reckon ourselves (6:11).

Who I am is not determined by my inability but by GOD’S promise and His ability. GOD gave Abram the name “Abraham” (= father of many nations) when he was still childless. He was thus already “father of many nations” when nothing of it could be seen yet. But GOD had spoken: that’s your name and that’s who you are. Period! And Abraham lived by that faith and GOD empowered him and gave him the potential so that he experienced resurrection power personally.

Whoever believes is “enslaved in righteousness”. As we saw earlier (6:16), this means that he who is set free from sin lawfully becomes a righteous one. It is inescapable, binding and the privilege of every believer. If GOD justifies, who or what will condemn ?!