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Romans 6:14 – Not under law

14-01-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

For Sin shall not be lording it over you, for you are not under law, but under grace.

In Romans 6, Paul shows how the one who believes, is one with the dead and risen Christ. The idea is not only that Christ died for us but that we died with Him. And also that we were raised with him. His position is our position. That’s how GOD reckons.

As long as we try to combat sin (that is “law”), we are controlled by sin. It is the pious, religious person which seriously tries to avoid sin, who is a slave to sin. Because he counts himself as a sinner and, encouraged by laws and rules of life, tries to get rid of it. In vain.

GOD’s answer to sin is not “law” but “grace.” No assignment to accomplish anything but a message of a finished fact! Christ Jesus was raised from the dead and everyone connected with him is no longer a sinner but a righteous person. This is how GOD sees us, regardless of our own perception and experiences. Faith means: (learn to) reckon as GOD reckons (: 11). And from the achieved victory “walk in newness of life” (: 4). Not only in the future, but already now!