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Romans 5:16 – Many offenses and yet justification

28-01-2021 - Posted by Andre Piet

And not as though one act of sinning is the gratuity. For, indeed the judgment is out of one into condemnation, yet the grace is out of many offenses into a just award.

Before coming to the similarity between Adam and Christ in verse 18, Paul here again mentions a great difference between the two. He does this almost in telegram style, omitting all kinds of words, so that we are forced to read the sentence a few times. Paul contrasts the one who sinned (Adam) with “the gratuity of grace”, namely from “the one man Jesus Christ” (: 15).

From one person it came to condemnation, namely from “the many”. All mankind is condemned to be sinner and mortal from one man and from one act. But how much more surpassing is the effect of grace (charisma) in comparison ?! Humanity’s condemnation takes place against the background of one offense. But the justification of that same humanity has as a background “many offenses”.

In other words, one act of one person was enough to condemn all. But it is GOD’S superabounding grace that mankind’s “many offenses” cannot possibly prevent its justification. GOD’S grace is always “much more”!