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Romans 5:10 – God conciliate enemies to Himself

12-01-2021 - Posted by Andre Piet

For if, being enemies, we were conciliated to God through the death of His Son, much rather, being conciliated, we shall be saved in His life.

When Paul speaks of “being enemies”, he includes himself. But … GOD reconciled Saul. Not: God reconciled himself with Saul. As if God were an enemy to Saul. No, GOD loved Saul, therefore He wanted to reconcile Saul to Himself.

Also note that Saul did not reconciled himself to God. Active. No, he was reconciled to God. That’s passive – it happened to him. The only condition for Saul to be reconciled was that he must be an enemy. Reconciliation was (and is) all of GOD’S work.

How can you make an enemy a friend? By proving your love (5: 8). By giving him food when he is hungry or by giving him a drink when he is thirsty (12:20). Enmity cannot withstand such love. Well, that’s how God reconciles enemies to Himself. Where the world showed enmity by nailing GOD’S Son to the cross, there GOD raised up His Son to give Life to that same dying world!