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Romans 4:11 – Circumcision as a sign and a seal 

02-12-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

And he obtained the sign of circumcision, a seal of the righteousness of the faith which was in uncircumcision for him to be the father of all those who are believing through uncircumcision, for righteousness to be reckoned to them.

Abram received the unconditional promise that his seed would be like the stars of heaven. And Abram believed GOD, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. At least fourteen years later, Abram became Abraham, and GOD gave a sign of his unconditional covenant to Abraham: circumcision (Genesis 17).

Paul writes here that “the sign of circumcision” is a seal of the righteousness of faith that Abram already had. Abraham did not become righteous by circumcision, no, circumcision sealed that he was already righteous by faith. Where the primary idea of ​​a seal is that it cannot be undone.

But the seal of the circumcision is also a sign. It is true that it is a minor surgery, but it has a major significance. Not for nothing a sign to the male member. Abraham was “deadened,” that is, impotent. But GOD promised to bring forth life from the dead. Deadened Abraham would experience resurrection firsthand. Circumcision testifies to this!