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Romans 3:25 – For the display of His righteousness 

30-11-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Whom God purposed for a propitiatory shelter, through faith in His blood, for a display of His righteousness because of the passing over of the penalties of sins which occurred before in the forbearance of God

GOD previously appointed Christ Jesus as a propitiatory shelter. This refers to the golden lid on the ark of the covenant in the sanctuary, which was sprinkled with blood once in the year. That golden cover is a type of Christ Jesus who died (> the blood), rose again (> gold) and is seated in heaven (> the most holy).

By giving this blood stained gold lid the most prominent place in the sanctuary, GOD demonstrated beforehand that he had faith in the blood of him who was to die in order to be resurrected. Of Christ Jesus. GOD gave that cover that prominent place because it refers in type to the demonstration of his righteousness. For in the resurrected Christ, GOD would fulfill his promise and thereby do justice to his word! Hence, until the fulfillment of his promise, GOD could endure the sins all the while. GOD saw beyond the sins of mankind because He himself would do justice in his time to declare mankind righteous.