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Romans 3:24 – in His grace 

12-11-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

For all sinned and are wanting of the glory of God. Being justified gratuitously in His grace through the deliverance which is in Christ Jesus.

All people sinned, all people are wanting of GOD’S glory, and all people are justified free of charge. How clear the Evangel can sound! The tremendous power and sharpness of the Good News is that it is “the Gospel of the grace of GOD.” Because if there were only one condition, big or small, it would no longer be “gratuitous”. And with that, “grace” would no longer be “grace”. Because “a little bit for free” does not exist. Neither as “a little pregnant”. It’s black or white.

The “gratuitously” guarantees the universal outcome of “all… justified”. As soon as conditions apply, people are excluded. Like the conditional message in Christendom: Jesus Christ is your Savior IF you acknowledge Him. Note: that is not “gratuitous” even though it is called “grace”. But it is an advertising trick: almost free. How different is the message as Paul delivered it: Jesus Christ IS your Savior – believe it! Faith is not a condition but the channel through which this message reaches, enters and conquers our hearts.