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Romans 2:7 – God worshippers

04-09-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

… those indeed, who by endurance in good acts are seeking glory and honor and incorruption, life eonian…

GOD’S judgment is righteous (: 5) and that means that He will give those who seek Him a portion in the coming aeon. Just as GOD dislikes all the wickedness of people who retain the truth in unrighteousness (1:18), on the other hand, He appreciates it when people seek Him. Who “ by endurance in good acts ” and “to seek glory and honor and incorruption” means: to seek the truth that is oppressed in the world and to worship GOD. In 1:23 we already read that Paul mentions glory and incorruption, to be attributes of GOD.

Paul is not talking about people who believe the Gospel in this verse. No, he is writing about people walking by the light of what every human being is supposed to know, namely that God is GOD. And those who glorify and thank Him (1:21). That’s all. More is not expected of a person. In the book of ‘Acts’ we regularly meet such people and they are called “God-worshipers.” They are distinguished from the Jews and had not yet heard the Gospel but… they acknowledge GOD and walk by that knowledge. The coming eon (age) is reserved for such people.