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Romans 2:5 – All will be straightened out

04-09-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Yet in accord with your hardness and inconsiderate (unrepentant) heart you are hoarding for yourself indignation in the day of indignation and revelation of the just judgement of God.

The religious man thinks he is in good graces with God because of his (to the eye!) decent life and thereby looks down on openly wicked people. The religious man thinks he has an exclusive privilege with God. But GOD pierces right through this haughty hypocrisy. In fact, this attitude only hoards more indignation. GOD reverses the roles: “the first become the last”.

GOD is going to deal with all hardness and rashness in due course. Paul is here referring to two occasions where this reckoning will take place. First, in the “day of indignation,” that is the period at the end of this eon. That day will begin at “the sixth seal” (Rev.6: 17), at the appearance of Christ after Israel’s great tribulation (cf. Matthew 24:29). This day concerns the living of that time.

The “revelation of the just judgement of GOD” will be over a thousand years later, and refers to “the great white throne” where the dead will rise to be judged (Rev. 20:11). Mind you “just”! GOD is going to straighten everything out and make it right!