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Romans 2:3 – Why the world hates orthodoxy

02-09-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Yet are you reckoning on this, O man, who art judging those committing such things, and art doing the same, that you will be escaping the judgement of God?

The above rhetorical question makes Paul’s earlier statement even clearer. How hypocritical is it to judge others while practicing the same things? The only difference is that the ‘moralist’ does his thing in secret, while the rest practice it openly. But it is precisely this difference that makes the judgment of the ‘moralist’ (read: the one who judges) all the worse. It is the apparently civilized but above all religious person, who is guilty of this hypocrisy. And the ‘wicked world’ also knows this and therefore hates orthodoxy. The untruthfulness is shocking: the ‘impeccable’, the ‘pious’, the ‘saints’, those who know so well for others, but who do not live according to the standards they claim to uphold. Think also of the stinging words that Jesus often spoke to the religious leaders of his day. Open sinners and harlots would preced them into the Kingdom, Jesus said.

For human judges, you can often get away with hidden evil practices. Not with GOD – he knows everything and judges truthfully.