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Romans 1:9 – being prospered

16-07-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

For God is my Witness, to Whom I am offering divine service in my spirit in the evangel of His Son, how unintermittingly I am making mention of you always in my prayers beseeching, if somehow, sometime, at length I shall be prospered, in the will of God, to come to you.

What in verse 1 was called “the evangel of GOD” is here called “the evangel of His Son”. The latter name is related to the first. Because what GOD has to say as a good message is concerning his Son (: 3). Paul served that GOD not only to the outside world but also in his spirit. “Unintermittingly” does not mean an endless prayer. It means that Paul mentioned his readers again and again in his prayers. With the plea that he should finally be able to visit them. Paul had had that wish much longer (compare Acts 19:11). And he knew: if GOD wants to, it shall be prospered. With that knowledge you can live very relaxed! GOD did indeed want Paul to be in Rome, as was made clear later on (Acts 23:11). But now he could not yet imagine arriving there as a prisoner (Acts 28:16). However cliché: GOD’s ways are wonderful!