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Romans 15:8– Christ, the servant of the circumcision

07-03-2022 - Posted by Hans

For I am saying that Christ has become the servant of the circumcision, for the sake of the truth of God, to confirm the patriarchal promises.

Paul calls his readers to be taking one another to oneself, as Christ also (:7). From verses 8 to 12 Paul makes clear how and in what order Christ takes all. Israel first and then the nations. That is the rank upon which Paul’s ministry is also based.

Christ has become a servant of the circumcision. Paul is referring here to the important fact that Christ on earth was only focused on “the circumcision”, i.e. the people with whom the “covenant of circumcision” (Acts 7:8) was made. When Jesus was called upon from abroad, He excused himself that He had been sent only to the house of Israel (Matt.15:24). And that it was not good to “take the children’s (Israel)’s bread” and give it to the dogs (read: nations). What Jesus taught in the Gospels was expressly not intended for pagan ears. Hence, “He taught in their synagogues” (Matt. 4:23; 9:35; Luke 4:15).

It is also “in the first place” for Israel that God raised up Christ (Acts 3:26). Primary to them is the promise (Acts 2:39; 13:26; Rom. 9:4,5) and all Scripture confirms it!