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Romans 15:5– Mutually disposed

07-03-2022 - Posted by Hans

Now may the God of endurance and consolation grant you to be mutually disposed to one another, according to Christ Jesus.

Christ Jesus did not seek to please himself, but was wholly focused on accomplishing God’s will. He endured all reproach and He knew that through that way God would reconcile the world to Himself. Thus, He was not only focused on God, but therefore also on the salvation of the same humanity that nailed Him to the cross.

In the scriptures and all that had been written before, He found the teaching and the hope, and thus He was encouraged to endure it all. That’s how God works. It is through the teaching of the scriptures that He encourages us and gives us the strength to endure. What no human word can do, God’s word can do in and through us. His word gives strength to defy any opposition and to endure reproach.

This orientation to the Scriptures as an infallible compass and as an inexhaustible source of power was known by Christ Jesus here on earth. His answer was always: “it is written!”. It is this attitude that we as believers are allowed to experience among each other. That guarantees joy and mutual peace and harmony!