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Romans 14:7,8 – For Him, because belonging to Him

09-02-2022 - Posted by Hans

For not one of us is living to himself, and not one is dying to himself. For both if we should be living, and if we should be dying, to the Lord are we dying. Then, both if we should be living and if we should be dying, we are the Lord’s.

Jesus Christ is Lord (Kurios = Owner) of all (Rom.10:12). That’s a fact. A believer is one who also acknowledges that ownership of the risen Lord (Rom.10:9). I am not my own but His who bought me rightfully (1 Cor.7:22). And so I have been entirely on his behalf ever since. I don’t have to worry, because He cares for me. Everything in my life belongs to Him and so He also directs my steps. That concept is so obvious. For example, if I buy a car, it will be my car from that moment on and the care about it is my business. I put it in the garage if I want to and I drive the routes I determine. The car is there for me, because the car is mine.

Everything in my life, the things I think, do and say serve only one purpose: to be available to my Lord. I live for Him because I am His.