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Romans 14:6 – Given all space

09-02-2022 - Posted by Hans

He who is disposed to the day, is disposed to it to the Lord; and he who is eating, is eating to the Lord, for he is thanking God. And he who is not eating, to the Lord is not eating, and is thanking God.

To value a particular day is not an issue at all for Paul. And the choice for a vegetarian or non-vegetarian menu is also irrelevant to him. The Scriptures provide ample room for such differences. It becomes problematic when I do not recognize that space and believe that the other must choose the same as I do. When brought to a head, such an issue inevitably becomes a breaking point. My choice would be binding on the other. Or vice versa. Over the centuries, so many differences have been magnified in this way, so that it is no longer possible to ‘go through one door together’.

I am not accountable to my fellow believers for my preference (if any) for a day or for what I do or do not take in. And of course the same goes for others. When the other gives thanks to God for the things he does, who am I to judge him therein (1 Cor. 10:30)? Give the other person room to think for themselves and draw conclusions. That’s how love works.