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Romans 13:2– No revolution

13-12-2021 - Posted by Hans

So that he who is resisting an authority has withstood God’s mandate. Now those who have withstood, will be getting judgment for themselves

What Paul writes in Romans 13 about the authorities is addressed to believing subjects. It is not a political charter about what government should do. The apostle determines that there are superiors above us and he remarks that this is so ordained by God. Later (:4) Paul makes it clear that a sword has been entrusted to the government to give justice (“avenger for indignation”). After the flood, God gave this mandate to mankind (Gen.9:6). Not a man invented that, it’s a Divine institution.

The basic attitude of believers towards the superiors above us is therefore that of subjection. Not that we always applaud everything they decide or do. Nor that we obey everything they tell us. Because sometimes you can’t (and shouldn’t). It does mean that we respect the position of the authorities and will not try to overthrow them. Because those who do that will be judged. Revolution devours its own children. Believers settle and submit.