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Romans 12:7,8– Seven grace-effects

30-11-2021 - Posted by Hans

…or dispensing, in the dispensation; or the teacher, in teaching; or the entreater, in entreaty; the sharer, with generosity; the presider, with diligence; the merciful one with glee.

The subject of these verses is the various effects of grace (“charismata” = effects of grace) within the body of Christ. Paul names seven. First we discussed prophesying, as it functioned in the early days. It is noticeable that in the first four effects of grace (1. prophecy, 2. serving, 3. teaching and 4. encouragement) Paul names the activities himself. With the emphasis that one would limit oneself (“the measure”) to the grace that God gives to everyone (:3). Don’t step out of there, stay in there. Hence: the recurring “in”.

In the last three effects of grace Paul mentions the persons (5. the sharer, 6. the presider and 7. the merciful). And then he emphasizes how grace works itself out. Grace makes one who imparts (gives away) not to be squeamish, but to be generous. Such as those who lead do not merely delegate others, but above all show zeal themselves. And how often do we not see that people who take care of others (think of informal care, for example) do this with a sigh. God’s grace, on the other hand, makes us have compassion with glee!