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Romans 12:4,5 – One body!

30-11-2021 - Posted by Hans

For even as, in one body, we have many members, yet all the members have not the same function, thus we, who are many, are one body in Christ, yet individually members of one another

The admonition not to want to be more than we are, Paul supports here with a comparison he often makes: the many members in a body. By “members” he does not mean only the limbs but all parts of the body and their distinct functions. How foolish would it be for the eye to try to be an ear, or vice versa? Both organs are made in such a way that they function optimally when they do what they were made for. And vice versa: they do not function at all when they are used for another purpose.

What is true and self-evident in our bodies is just so true of the many in Christ. They too form “one body”. This truth of the “one body” recurs repeatedly in Paul’s letters (1Cor.10:17; 12:12,13,20; Eph.2:16; 4:4; Col.3:15). It can only be found with him and also exclusively revealed through him. It expresses how much we as believers are connected with the Head, that is Christ Jesus, but also with each other through Him. It is an unbreakable unity “in one Spirit”.