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Romans 1:24– The world left to be

13-08-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

Wherefore God gives them over, in the lusts of their hearts…

From verse 18 on, Paul argues that the indignation of GOD is revealed from heaven and why that is so. So far, however, Paul has not yet indicated how GOD does this and how this shows. In the above verse we find for the first time described what GOD does with humanity who “are retaining the truth in injustice”. He has “gives them over, in…”. This is repeated in verses 26 and 28.

GOD’s indignation in the present time does not show that He intervenes. It will be so in the future “day of indignation” (2: 5). But at present GOD’S wrath appears precisely in the fact that He does not intervene. GOD lets the world go. He hands them over. Read carefully what it says: He gives the world over in (not: to!) The desires of their hearts. The world is not transferred to anything else but released in the direction it already went. Without GOD hindering them. Popularly said: just figure it out, I will not stop you. Isn’t this exactly the world we live in? GOD is (temporarily!) aloof, while the world can continue its godless course undisturbed.