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Romans 12:18– Being at peace with all mankind

13-12-2021 - Posted by Hans

…making ideal provision in the sight of all men if possible that which comes out form yourselves. Being at peace with all mankind.

There is a direct and logical connection between having the good in mind for all people and being at peace with all people. When we consider the great future that God has in store for all people, we also learn to look at those same people differently. That is inevitable. Do we look at people based on their past? And from what they have done to us? Or do we see them as they will one day be? Perfect, reconciled and justified! How we see them will determine the attitude we take towards them.

When God reconciles the world and makes peace and we are allowed to carry this message as ambassadors, there is only one attitude that is appropriate: peace with all people. Yes, with all people. So also with those who, for whatever reason, are hostile to us. They may misunderstand, slander, persecute us, but so what? That’s their attitude. Our attitude of peace is independent of the response we get. For God will turn all enemies into lovers of Him. Guaranteed and unconditional. God’s love always wins!