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Romans 12:17– making ideal provision in the sight of all men.

13-12-2021 - Posted by Hans

…To no one render evil for evil, making ideal provision in the sight of all men…

The idea of ​​not returning evil for evil is found in many places in the Bible. As in Proverbs 20:22: “Do not say, I shall indeed repay for evil; Be expectant toward Yahweh…”. A few verses later, Paul also elaborates on this motif. Only the government is appointed to avenge evil (Rom.13:3), not the individual. And certainly not a believer, for he waits for his God to whom vengeance is due (12:19).

Unfortunately, most translations of the second line fall short. Paul does not say: have good intentions for all people (KJV). That is far too weak and it focuses on man and his works. As if the suggestion were that we would intend the good for all people. But it’s not about what we offer the people. GOD has guaranteed the good “of (!) all men”. That truth runs like a thread through the Roman letter. After all, all people are justified gratuitously (Rom.3:23,24, 4:5; 5:18). And God has mercy on all (Rom.11:32).

To always have in mind this good of all people is the most powerful motive for loving everyone sincerely and showing love!