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Romans 12:11– Sparkling

30-11-2021 - Posted by Hans

…in diligence not slothful, fervent of spirit, slaving for the Lord…

As 1 Corinthians 13 describes how agape love is recognizable, so here we find a summary of twelve characteristics of this love. She is “not slothful” in diligence. That is more than just a moral choice. It is mainly an inner drive. Agapé love is to love as God loves. unconditionally. And through that Divine motive we become dynamic and energetic.

Perfectly in line with this is also the characteristic “fervent of spirit”. Note: “of spirit”, not of flesh. The word for “fervent” is derived from the verb for “to cook.” Something that boils bubbles and fizzes. The spirit has to do with the mind, which (as we read in 12:2) is renewed when exposed to the Word of God. That Word makes our minds sparkling and enthusiastic. That last word, by the way, is significant because “en-thous” literally means “in-God.”

“Slaving for the Lord” means that where we recognize the Lord, we automatically regard ourselves as His property. And that He is the one who our existence is about. His Word is decisive. It also means that we are entirely on his behalf. He determines and He provides.