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Romans 12:10– Philadelphia and appreciation

30-11-2021 - Posted by Hans

Let us have fond affection for one another with brotherly fondness, in honor deeming one another first

Paul continues the enumeration of characteristics of agape love. This love expresses itself in brotherly love or actually ‘brotherly affection’. The Greek word for this is ‘philadelphia’, which we also know as a place name (Rev.1:11). In ‘philadelphia’ is the word ‘philos’ which means affection. It refers here to the connection that brothers and sisters have with each other. They belong together as a spiritual family and the attraction to each other is therefore obvious. As we are also known with in natural life. Blood relationship is often the deciding factor, because (as the saying goes) ‘ blood is thicker than water’.

The affection as brothers to each other also expresses itself in mutual respect. The word for ‘honor’ (Gr. timé) literally has the meaning of ‘value’ (cf. Col. 2:23). Something that has a price. Preceding each other in honor therefore means knowing how to value each other.  Deeming one other in honor is not selective, nor does it have to do with prestige or power. No, deeming each other is knowing how to value everyone (each-other!). Realize how precious the other is in God’s eyes. No one excluded.