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Romans 1:18 – The truth…

05-08-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

For God’s indignation is being revealed from heaven on all the irreverence and injustice of men who are retaining the truth in injustice…

Paul is not talking here about the coming “day of indignation” (2: 5) but about the indignation of GOD in the present tense. That indignation is about not all people but about “all irreverence and injustice of men”. In the following verses (: 24, 26, 28) we will see that this indignation is not evident in the fact that GOD intervenes, but precisely in that He surrenders people in their “irreverence and injustice”. He lets them do it and does nothing about it or against it.

What does this “irreverence and injustice of men” show? We do not have to guess about that because it is right behind it. What these people are doing is “retaining the truth in injustice.” That is the first, specific bad thing that is said of these people. But perhaps it is better to say that all the other evil qualities that will be mentioned in this chapter stem from this attitude towards truth. Those who know the facts and know what is true have only one thing to do and that is to accept and recognize the truth. More is not necessary.