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Romans 1:17 – Out of faith for faith

23-07-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

For in it God’s righteousness is being revealed, out of faith for faith, according as it is written: “Now the just one by faith shall be living”.

In the Evangel, GOD’s righteousness is revealed because He fulfilled His promise. He has done justice to his Word! There is no one who believes in the Word of GOD as much as GOD himself. We may find it odd to put it that way, but it is exactly as Paul calls it in 3: 3, where he writes about “the faith of GOD”. GOD believes in his Word because He knows it to be true and to be made true. He Himself guarantees that

About the revelation of the righteousness of GOD, Paul says that this is “out of faith for faith”. “Out of  faith” means: faith is the source from which the righteousness of GOD comes. That confirms exactly what we started with: GOD believes in his promise and from that faith his righteousness is revealed. But it is not only “out of faith” but also “for faith”. The first is about GOD’S faith, the second about man’s faith. GOD is the source and cause of righteousness, and it finds entrance in the man who believes.