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Romans 11:5– According to the choice of grace

31-08-2021 - Posted by Hans

Thus, then, in the current era also, there has come to be a remnant according to the choice of grace.

Israel’s history has many lows and to illustrate this, Paul had just mentioned Elijah. While the prophet thought he was the only one faithful left, God replied that He had left seven thousand men for Himself. The lesson Paul draws from this is that there is a remnant even in the present tense. God Himself sees to it that not everyone leaves Him. There is always a remnant.

This warranty is expressly no credit to man. It is not that the remnant is a group that is better or qualitatively different from the rest. God makes sure there is a remnant and He qualifies them. To emphasize this, Paul writes that the remnant is “according to the choice of grace.” God chooses in advance, and so it is grace. As we read earlier (Rom.9:11): “…when the children were not yet born (…) that it might be according to the elective purpose of God, not of works…”.

And as Paul describes of himself elsewhere (Gal.1:15): from my mother’s womb I have been separated by God and called through grace!