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Romans 11:35 – Does not owe anything

29-10-2021 - Posted by Hans

Or, who gives to Him first, and it will be repaid him?

God’s wisdom and knowledge are unfathomably deep. And his judgments and ways are untraceable. No one can even put a finger on that. And there is one more thing: God does not owe man anything in return.

As creatures we are conceived by Him and come forth from His hand. The initiative in everything lies with Him. We ourselves are not the origin of any thought or action, thinking or doing. Nobody made themselves. Everything I am, I am because of the Creator who made me. And all that I have, I have received from Him. I have nothing of my own,

Just as God owes no return to man, so he is not accountable to him. A lesser person can be called upon to account for himself by his superior. Not vice versa. Earlier in Romans 9, Paul argued that we humans are like clay in the Potter’s hand. Both “vessels of honour” and “vessels of dishonour”. And God does not have to answer to anyone for this (9:20,21). For He is GOD. Only to Himself is He owed (for promised is promised) to miraculously complete all things!