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Romans 11:33 – Inscrutable!

29-10-2021 - Posted by Hans

O, the depth of the riches and the wisdom and the knowledge of God! How inscrutable are His judgments and untraceable His ways.

Two phrases run parallel here. God’s inscrutable judgments correspond to his untraceable ways. The Greek word for “judging” (KRIMA) is related to the word KRISIS. Where God judges, there He brings into crisis, that is a decisive turning point. Crises in which God brings people or nations are known, but what do we know about backgrounds and deepest motives? Why does God decide this and not that? And what is the reason that He goes this way and no other?

People often imagine that they can presume to judge these things. But it is pride. A person can research and search with all his (presumed or not) know-how and expertise, but the conclusion is certain in advance: God’s judgments are inscrutable and his ways are untraceable. A person completely lacks the wisdom to oversee the whole. Any condemnation of what God does is by definition a prejudice. After all, his work is far from finished. One day He will completely stun everyone at the miraculous outcome of His judgments and His ways!