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Romans 11:29 – Unregretted!

29-10-2021 - Posted by Hans

For unregretted are the graces and the calling of God.

This sentence motivates what was put forward in the foregoing. Paul wrote about Israel’s sure future, despite the fact that a hardening is covering the people to this day. Everything is going according to God’s plan. The promises He once gave to the fathers He does not forget but He fulfills them. When the time comes, He will remove the veil which is covering the people so that the present enmity toward the Gospel will make way for reconciliation!

The “graces” referred to here (Gr. charismata) are usually represented as “grace gifts.” The word form indicates the effects or effects of grace. When God gives grace, i.e. makes joyful “free of charge,” the effect is varied and multi-coloured.

God never walks back on what He promises. For He is trustworthy and He does justice to what He has foretold. That is what is called “the righteousness of God” in this letter. When God calls his people to be a royal priesthood (Ex.19:5,6) and to display his grace among the nations, it is not a wish or a dream. And not even an order. It’s a guarantee. unregretted!