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Romans 11:21,22– Persisting in God’s appropriateness

20-10-2021 - Posted by Hans

For if God spares not the natural boughs, neither will He be sparing you! Perceive, then, the kindness and severity of God! Indeed, who are falling, severity, yet on you, God’s kindness if you should be persisting in the kindness: else you also will be hewn out.

Here Paul addresses the nations (11:13) and points out to them that Israel was not spared because of leaning on their own works instead of “the appropriateness ” of God (9:32). Often this word (Gr. Chrestotes) is rendered “kindness” (see also 2:4). This quality refers to God’s love and that He acts “gratuitously.” Faith means trusting God in the realization that everything depends on Him. When Israel did not abide by this appropriateness of God, it came in contact with God’s severity. Pride comes before a fall.

But if God does not spare Israel’s pride, He will not tolerate the pride of the nations either. If they too do not abide by God’s appropriateness, they will just as well be cut off. When the message of “the reconciliation of the world” (11:15) is squandered among the nations, God also deals with this testimony. That is the prophetic warning to Christendom. She too will be cut off.