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Romans 11:19,20– Be not haughty

20-10-2021 - Posted by Hans

You will be declaring, then, “Boughs are broken out that I may be grafted in”. Ideally! By unbelief are they broken out, yet you stand in faith. Be not haughty, but fear.

While the majority of the Israelites are set aside (“broken out”) in Paul’s message, the nations have become partakers of the promise of Abraham (“grafted in”). That is a statement that cannot be disputed. Everything stands or falls with disbelief or faith. That has never been different and a universal truth. God, by definition, blesses by faith, and where faith is lacking, blessing is lacking.

Of course it is also true that GOD opens ears, eyes and hearts. And that faith is therefore not an achievement of man but of GOD who gives and works it. Just as it is GOD who blinds eyes and hardens hearts (11:8). A believer from the nations therefore has no reason whatsoever to be proud of the unbelieving Israel, but on the contrary to have a deep awe (“fear”) for the GOD who both “breaks away” and “makes people stand”. For as soon as ‘faith’ is seen as a performance (= ‘work’) of man, one falls into exactly the same trap as Israel once fell into (9:33). All (own) fame is excluded!