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Romans 11:12– Much rather that which fills them

15-09-2021 - Posted by Hans

Now if their offense (misstep) is the world’s riches and their discomfiture the nations’ riches, how much rather that which fills them!

Several translations render “misstep” with “fall”, but that is incorrect. The word “fall” (as in “that they should be falling”; verse 11) is another word. If you make a mistake, you step next to it, you take a wrong step. Literally a ‘beside step’. Paul does not call the present rejection of the resurrected Messiah a fall but a misstep. With the hint of recovery in it.

What was a mistake for Israel as a people, on the other hand, meant wealth for the world. Where “the world” refers to “the nations”. Because of Israel’s failure (“their diminution”), the riches of the Evangel have gone to the nations. Peculiar! For do not the prophets emphasize that through Israel’s restoration the nations will share in the riches? That riches go to the nations through Israel’s misstep today was hidden from the prophets.

But if Israel’s lack is already producing wealth for the nations, what will Israel’s future fullness not bring? After all, there will come a time when “all Israel” (11:26) will be saved. Because that promise still stands and God, of course, keeps it. His word is always solid and sure!