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Romans 10:9 – The resurrected Lord

31-08-2021 - Posted by Hans

…that if ever you should be avowing with your mouth the declaration that Jesus is Lord, and should be believing in your heart that God rouses Him from among the dead, you shall be saved.

“The word of faith” that Moses spoke of in Deuteronomy is about Jesus Christ. It’s called a word of faith because it doesn’t involve works. For God guarantees salvation in him whom He has made Lord by raising him from the dead (Acts 2:36). This guarantee of salvation also resounds unmistakably in the name ‘Jesus’, that is: YAHWEH saves.

That YAHWEH saves is unconditional. Through Jesus He is Lord and Savior of all. There is one way by which God saves: by faith. To believe (or to trust) is to agree with heart and mouth. The Evangel is the good news about Jesus Christ, the risen Lord. The firstfruits from among the dead. He is the Divine guarantee that all shall be vivified, so that death is abolished. In him (and in no other) is salvation and new life.

Scripture teaches that eventually all, heavenly, terrestrial and subterranean, will wholeheartedly confess Jesus as Lord. To the glory of God the Father (Philippians 2:9-11). Then salvation is complete and all-encompassing!