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Romans 10:10 – Believing and avowing

31-08-2021 - Posted by Hans

For with the heart it is believed for righteousness, yet with the mouth it is avowed for salvation.

Here the order of heart and mouth is again (chrono)logical. After all, one can only confess with the mouth if it is first believed with the heart. You don’t believe with your mouth (that’s lip service), but with your heart. Faith is trust and it is impossible to be on command. Faith is therefore a gift (of God) in Scripture (Eph.2:8). Someone can only trust where this trust has been won by the other. Then you are convinced.

He who believes is righteous before God. To Him it is not that a person performs, but only trusts in who He is and what He promises. And where this faith (in the heart) is found, it will inevitably come out. For what the heart is full of, the mouth overflows with. Believing and avowing are therefore two sides of one thing. Inside and outside.

As heart and mouth are one, so are righteousness and salvation. Where a man is justified by faith, he is also saved by avowing. It is these instruments that God uses to justify and save.