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Psalm 77:19 – Your way through the sea 

12-01-2021 - Posted by Andre Piet

Your way was through the sea, And Your trails led through vast waters, Yet Your heel prints were not known.

In these verses Asaph looks back on God’s deeds in the past (: 12). Miracles that were unmistakable to the nations around (: 15). Asaph refers to the splitting of the Red Sea, thus creating a safe path for Israel. But when the army of Egypt followed, the sea was closed and the path was no more. None of the footprints were visible.

Remarkably it is called “your way” and “your trails” and “your heel prints”. It means that God himself went through the waters with his people. By the way, the word for ‘heel print’ is literally ‘heel’ and is related to the name Jacob, which is also derived from ‘heel’ (Genesis 25:26).

God’s way with his people was in the sea. Isn’t that also a beautiful picture of the way God has been going with the house of Jacob in the last two thousand years? The people are scattered among the nations, that is, the sea of ​​nations. The sea of ​​nations where the Gospel also ended up through the apostle Paul. That is also a way that God goes in secret. Untraceable. It is a mystery and unfindable!