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Psalm 146:5 – The God of Jacob

19-11-2019 - Posted by Andre Piet

Happy is he who has the El of Jacob as his Help; His hopefulness is set on YAHWEH his Elohim.

The name Jacob is a model for the man who thought he had to earn himself while GOD had promised him for free. That was very unwise. Because it brought him, far from home, literally and figuratively. And yet, in the darkest phase of his existence, when he spent the night in Bethel, GOD again confirmed his unconditional promise. Jacob could rest his head on it and see heaven opened.

The real change came twenty years later, when Jacob returned to the land. After a night of fighting, he was beaten by the Jabbok brook. Jacob at the Jabbok: that already points to a turnaround. From now on he would be called Israel.

Jacob is the name that reminds of lies and deceit. How special, therefore, that the very person who has Jacob’s GOD for his help is spoken happily of. Jacob’s GOD is the GOD who had made his choice before birth and had given his promise (Rom. 9:11). Nothing can be earned there. Because GOD gives it freely. Happy is he who has this GOD as his help!