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Psalm 145:21 – thanking and praising 

28-10-2020 - Posted by Andre Piet

The praise of YAHWEH, may my mouth speak

One of the words that runs like a thread through the five books of the Psalms is the Hebrew root “hallel”. We recognize that in the internationally known word “hallelujah”, that is, “praise YAHWEH!”. The Hebrew word is derived from a word meaning “to shine” or “to irradiate” (Isa. 13:10). Whoever praises someone makes him or her shine. It highlights a person’s glory.

Praise is different from thanking and goes beyond that. When I thank GOD I acknowledge what I have received. But when I praise GOD, I am not speaking what I have received from Him, but I am putting His glory in the light. When I think of GOD I always think of my own blessings, while when I praise GOD I think only of Himself.

It is wonderful to count your blessings and thank GOD for them. But praising GOD goes so much further. Then you forget yourself and speak only of His greatness and how unique He is. And the glory of his word. Of what He has done and what He will do!