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Philippians 3:3– Flesh or Spirit?

28-02-2023 - Posted by Hans

For we are the circumcision who are offering divine service in the spirit of God, and are glorying in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in flesh.

The people Paul just warned about were propagating Jewish customs and rituals. Totally out of place for Paul, for all who are in Christ Jesus are circumcised. Okay, maybe not according to the flesh, but so what ? Circumcision represents: the knife is put into the flesh. In Christ Jesus this type has become reality, for in His death the old was laid aside and the new, imperishable life began in Him (Col.2:11,12).

By “flesh” is meant here, as will appear in the following, man in his outward manifestation: the origin and everything that people pride themselves on. In Christ Jesus, the risen and glorified Lord, those things no longer count at all . In the new creation, our origins in the old creation play no role, nor do our achievements. We are justified in God’s eyes and reckoned in the risen Christ. In that position we glory and thus walk with Him in the new life!

It is clear that where we glory in Christ Jesus, everything of the flesh (human achievements) has lost its value. We serve God in spirit . Not in rituals and forms.