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Philippians 3:2– Beware of the dogs!

28-02-2023 - Posted by Hans

Beware of curs, beware of evil workers. Beware of the maimcision.

In the previous verse, the call to rejoice in the Lord was heard repeatedly. And now, right after that, the solemn warning of “the dogs,” “the evil workers,” and “the maimcision.” It is not expressed in the translation, but in Greek the words alliterate: kunas (= dogs),  k akous (= evil) and katatomēn (= cutting). Words that start with k are ideally suited as expletives. And that’s what Paul means.

This chapter warns strongly against Judaizing preachers. They promote Jewish habits, customs and rituals among the nations. They look with contempt upon the nations (read: dogs) who live free from the law, but in reality they are “dogs” themselves. They are active, but they are “ evil workers”. They propagate circumcision but in reality they are raping the truth about it. With distaste, Paul calls it “the maimcision .”

Many blame Paul for his sharp opposition to all kinds of preachers. People find that unkind, unconstructive and negative. But one forgets that any preaching that puts trust in “the flesh” (3:3) kills the joy of the Lord.